Wyatt Family Page


There are many variations in the spelling of this surname including Wyatte, Wiat, Wiett, and Wyott. This name is sometimes even mistakenly listed as White or Whyde in some records. Some years ago, James Herschel Wyatt started writing a book about the Wyatts in his lineage, a typewritten draft of which I obtained a copy of in 2010. In that writing, he referred to a book written by Carl Wyatt of Washington DC, which apparently included information that the Wyatts (spelled Guyet) originated in France and from there some moved to England and some to Germany. I have never seen this book myself, but apparently Herschel Wyatt had a copy of it and referred to some of the history of the Wyatt family reported in the book.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all of the following information but have done the best I could. Where exact dates are not given, it is to be assumed that the year listed may be "about" or "approximately". I would appreciate being informed of obvious errors and can be contacted by email at kkgoins@comcast.net. The Wyatt page was last updated in June 2016.

Each generation of my Wyatt ancestors is numbered and denoted as such.

Of interest, several of the Wyatt men who lived in Mississippi in the 1860s fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy. This may be an area where more research needs to be done.

The oldest Wyatt related to our line that I have information about is Abraham Wyatt, born about 1740 in England. I recently saw the name of his wife for the first time though I have not documented this myself. Her name was given as Mary Knowlton Purchell, born in about 1739; however, based on the date of birth of the only child I have knowledge of for Abraham, and two possible marriages found on Ancestry for Abraham, I have come to the conclusion that there may have been two wives named Mary, one being Mary Purchell and the other being Mary Knowlton (see below). At this time, this is my theory; if new information comes to light, I will make corrections at that time.

Generation 1 - Abraham Wyatt ("#1") is believed to have been born about 1740 in England.

Generation 2 - Abraham Wyatt ("#2") was born about 1764, perhaps in England but possibly in Spartanburg County, South Carolina..

Generation 3 - Absolom Wyatt was born in about 1796 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Generation 4 - Robert Matthew Wyatt, born about 1830 in Perry County, Tennessee..

Generation 5 - Everett Justice Wyatt, born Feb 28 1873 in Gray Township, White County, Arkansas.

Generation 6 - Clairlee Wyatt, born in 1899 in Searcy, White County, Arkansas.