Jones Family Page

The best way to track our ancestors is by finding them in official government documents such as census records, marriage records, birth and death records, etc. The following information has been compiled based on information passed down through the family, information obtained from courthouses and libraries in Kentucky and Virginia on our genealogy trips, and information obtained from websites such as and While I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of all of this information, I have done the best I can to avoid errors. If obvious mistakes are found, please contact me at with the correct information.

The oldest Jones ancestor I am absolutely sure of is Augustus ("Gus") Jones, the father of Lilburn ("Lil") Jones. "Lil" was the father of Nancy Jane Jones, and Nancy Jane Jones was the mother of my husband. Nancy told us that her dad's parents (her grandparents) were Gus Jones and Mimi Hill. She didn't know anything about relatives any further back past them.

Having found census records for Lilburn Jones with parents Augustus and Jemima Jones and children matching those known to Nancy Jones Goins as her uncles (Hootie, John, James, Porter and Willie), next a marriage record for "Augustin" Jones and "Jermima" Hill in Scott County, Virginia, was found giving the parents of "Augustin" as Alfred Jones and Elizabeth (no maiden name given), it is almost certain that the Alfred and Elizabeth Jones listed in the 1850 Scott County, Virginia, census are the parents of our Gus Jones. However, there is a lot of confusion about this couple on the Ancestry site, and I am not satisfied that this information is accurate enough to include them here in great detail.

1. Alfred Jones, perhaps born about 1790 in North Carolina, married Elizabeth (maiden name unclear, possibly Hamblen), with children in 1850 census given as William, Nancy, Margaret, and Augustus.

2. Augustus "Gus" Jones was born about 1839 in Orange County, North Carolina. His parents were Alfred Jones and Elizabeth (unknown maiden name). See below for 1850 census information which may well be the correct family.

3. Lilburn "Lil" Jones was born on 8 Feb 1865 in Scott County, Virginia, the oldest son of Augustus "Gus" Jones and Jemima "Mimi" Hill Jones.