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Haywood Family - A Brief History

Martha Jane Haywood was my great-great grandmother on my mom's mother's side, the second wife of Robert Matthew Wyatt. Note: His first wife was Mary Jane Osborne (1836-1857), and their only surviving child was James Thaddeus Wyatt (1855-1907).

Martha Haywood was born in Montgomery County, North Carolina in about 1843, one of at least six children born to Tillman Haywood (about 1809-1873) and Mary Ann Haley (about 1816-1881).

I have not confirmed all of the information obtained from Ancestry.com, but if it is accurate, we can trace the Haywood family back several generations. There may be some confusion and/or errors due to different spellings of Haywood, including Hawood, Haygood and Hagood, so caution should be taken.

Beginning with Martha Haywood, see below for ancestors of Martha with approximate dates:

Looking at each generation listed above, there's no doubt that Martha's father was Tillman Haywood since she is listed in his household in the 1850 census at age 7. (See below.)

I'm convinced that John Haywood was Martha's grandfather, because he was married to Sarah Tillman, and Martha's father was Tillman Haywood. John Haywood was apparently born in Montgomery County, North Carolina, and lived his entire life there. I found him in that county in the following census years: 1810, 1820, 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870.

I'm pretty sure that Byrd Haywood was Martha's great-grandfather (father of John Haywood). He may have been born in Virginia, but he was found in the Montgomery County, North Carolina census in 1790, 1800, and 1810, the same county John Haywood (believed to be his son) lived in. Note: I want to add a word of caution here, because Ancestry provided a number of "Leaf Hints" attached to Byrd Haywood that were for an "Egbert Haywood" from Halifax County, North Carolina, some in the same census years "Byrd" Haywood was found in Montgomery County, North Carolina. Thus, I do not believe "Byrd Haywood" and "Egbert Haywood" are the same person at all. Byrd Haywood's mother's maiden name was Byrd, and I believe his name was Byrd, not Egbert.

George Haywood is listed as the father of Byrd Haywood on WikiTree. I don't have much else to go on, but believe he is probably the great-great grandfather of Martha Jane Haywood.

The 1850 census for District 20, Maury County, Tennessee, lists the following occupants of the home: Tillman Haywood (41), Mary Haywood (36), Annanias Haywood (14), Elizabeth Haywood (12), John Haywood (10), Martha J. Haywood (7), Isaiah S. Haywood (5), and Tabitha Haywood (2), all born in North Carolina.

Children of Tillman Haywood and Mary Ann Haley:

PLEASE NOTE: The last five children in the list above may have been adopted by the Haywoods, or at least were raised by them. In the 1870 census for Tillman Haywood, those five children are listed in his household with "Washington" as their surname and all listed as born in Mississippi, with no relationship to Tillman noted.

The Haywoods (Tillman and Mary) were found living in DeSoto County, Mississippi, in the 1860 census with some of their own children and also 6-year-old "William W. Haywood" and 1-year-old "B. Haywood" listed in their household. Then 10 years later (1870), there are five "Washington" children living in the Haywood household, including William Washington. By 1880, William W. Haywood was married with wife and infant son living in his own household which included his 16-year-old nephew John Sherrod and 9-year-old nephew James Sherrod. Right next door, William's brother James D. Haywood and his wife are found along with 13-year-old nephew William Sherrod. The Sherrod boys were sons of Lucinda Elizabeth Haywood Sherrod who died in about 1871 (probably in childbirth). Lucinda Elizabeth Haywood was the 2nd child of Tillman Haywood and Mary A Haley (see above list of children).

It appears that not all of the five "Washington" children used the Haywood surname long term, though William and James appear to have. Their brother John seems to have gone back to using the surname Washington throughout the rest of his life. I don't know about the two youngest "Washington" kids.

Just as William and James took in their Sherrod nephews, I can't help feeling that the five Washington kids that Tillman and Mary Haywood took in must have been related to them somehow, but so far I have not found that connection.

Now to get back to our ancestor, Martha Jane Haywood who married Robert Matthew Wyatt...

Martha Jane Haywood married Robert Matthew Wyatt on September 10, 1857, in DeSoto County, Mississippi. If her birth year was 1843, that means she was only 14 or 15 years old when she was married. Not common these days, but not that uncommon back in those days, especially in the South.

Children of Martha Jane Haywood and Robert Matthew Wyatt:

Martha Jane Haywood Wyatt died in about 1898 in White County, Arkansas, and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Searcy, Arkansas. Her husband, Robert Matthew Wyatt had died on October 30, 1887, in White County, Arkansas, and is also buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Searcy, Arkansas.

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