Ham Family Page

In my research, I have found the surname Ham spelled with one M (Ham) and with two M's (Hamm). Most of the information on this page was obtained from the Ancestry website. I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of it and would appreciate being notified of obvious errors. I can be reached by email at kkgoins@comcast.net. The Ham Family Page was last updated in March 2016.

The oldest Ham I have found in our branch of this family tree is William Ham, born in about 1750, probably in Virginia. I have found William Ham on the tax lists for Madison County in both 1789 and 1800, as per the books "First Census of Kentucky, 1790" and "Second Census of Kentucky, 1800."

1 - William Ham, born about 1750 to unknown parents, probably in Virginia.

2. - Mourning Ham, born about 1812 in Madison County, Kentucky.

*Civil War - Four sons of Mourning Ham and Marcus Aurelius Whitaker served in the Civil War, with sons Sidney and John Martin serving in Company A, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, Union Army, and Irvine and Johnson serving in Company K, 1st Kentucky Cavalry, Union Army. They all survived the war and returned home to marry and have children.

**Mysterious obituary for "George Ham." I have part of an old yellowed newspaper clipping for a George Ham, but it has no date, no city, and not enough information for me to know which George Ham it is for. Here is what it says:

There is no page 16 with this clipping. Unless someone steps forward with the missing information on who this George Ham was, it will remain a mystery.

I have no further information on the Ham family at this time.

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