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The Dolby Family - A Brief History

Unfortunately, not much is known for sure about the Dolby family, the birth family of my great-great grandmother, Mary Ann Dolby. Even the spelling of her surname is not absolutely certain, and at different times it could have been spelled as Dalby or Daulby or other variations.

We know that Mary Ann Dolby was the wife of Albert Anderson, married about 1832, probably in Greene County, Pennsylvania. She appears to have been born August 15, 1814 in Pennsylvania, probably Greene County. She died January 25, 1902, in Monongalia County, West Virginia.

We do not know who Mary Ann’s parents were, but there are at least a couple of interesting possibilities as to who her father may have been. Based on our research, she may have been a daughter of either Aaron Dolby or Israel Dolby.

As for Mary Ann Dolby and her husband, Alfred Anderson, I have not yet found their marriage record, so I don’t know for sure if they were married in West Virginia or in Pennsylvania, but they were probably married in about 1832. Alfred was a farmer. See the "Anderson Family Page” for more details about Alfred and his life. He died of “fever” in August 1849 and is buried in Bethel Cemetery near Morgantown, West Virginia.

Children of Alfred Anderson and Mary Ann Dolby Anderson:

1) Amos C. Anderson (1834-1902)
2) Susannah Anderson (1837-1852)
3) Charlotte A. Anderson (1839-1920)
4) David Weaver Anderson (1841-1927) - my ancestor
5) Margaret Anderson (1843-1852)
6) William C. Anderson (born 1845)
7) Amanda E. Anderson (1847-1898)

After the 1849 death of Alfred Anderson, his widow, Mary Ann Dolby Anderson, was left to raise their children alone.

However, in 1853, Mary Ann married Samuel Berry (1805-1862) in Monongalia County, West Virginia

Samuel Berry’s first wife, Mary Bennett Berry, had died in 1851. They had five children together: (1) Oliver, (2) Caroline, (3) Alcinda, (4) Isabel, and (5) John W. According to 1850 and 1860 census records, Samuel Berry was a cabinet maker.

Samuel Berry and Mary Ann Dolby Anderson Berry were married for about nine years when he died in 1862, leaving Mary alone once again.

Mary Ann had been a widow for about 13 years when, in 1875, at the age of 60, she married her third husband, Zeri Ramsey.

Zeri Ramsey (1811-1894) and his first wife, Mary (“Polly”) Lazelle (1817-1871) had nine children: (1) Amanda, (2) Thomas Fletcher, (3) John Wesley, (4) Samuel Lazzelle, (5) Heil Johnson, (6) Joseph, (7) Lydia, (8) Rebecca, and (9) Martha. Zeri seems to have been a well-to-do farmer as he is listed in the 1860 Monongalia County, West Virginia, census with real estate worth $10,000 which was a LOT of money back in those days. However, in the 1870 census he and his family were found living in Fairbury, Livingston County, Illinois, where his occupation was listed as “Farm Labor,” and real estate worth only $1,500. I wish I knew the story behind this turn of events.

My sister Judy’s research uncovered some family connections of the Andersons and Ramseys to Fairbury, Illinois, which is in Livingston County. Zeri’s wife, Mary “Polly” Lazzelle Anderson, died in 1871 in Fairbury, Illinois where she was buried at Graceland Cemetery. In 1875, Zeri Ramsey, having returned to Monongalia County, West Virginia, married Mary Ann Dolby Anderson Berry there.

In the 1880 census for Monongalia County, West Virginia, Zeri Ramsey was 69 years old and his occupation was listed as “Retired.” Of course there is no 1890 census to find them in since those records were destroyed by fire.

In 1894, Zeri Ramsey died in Monongalia County, West Virginia, where he is buried in Bethel Cemetery. Zeri and his first wife both have “memorials” on the Find A Grave website.

In the 1900 census, widowed 85-year-old Mary Ramsey is found living with her 61-year-old widowed daughter Charlotte Snider in Cass Township, Monongalia County, West Virginia, with several Berry families living nearby.

Mary Ann Dolby Anderson Berry Ramsey died on January 25, 1902, at the age of 87 in Monongalia County, West Virginia, and was buried in Bethel Cemetery near Morgantown, West Virginia. Memorials for Mary Ann and her first husband, Alfred Anderson, can be found on the Find A Grave website.

Of interest, my sister Judy told me that on a visit to Bethel Cemetery with our Dad many years ago, they found a grave marker for Alfred Anderson but none for Mary Ann. Years later, Judy and our sister Vicky visited the same cemetery where they found the old Alfred Anderson gravestone tossed aside and found a “newer” tombstone with both Alfred and Mary Anderson’s names on it. The discarded stone was rescued and remains in the family still.

I hope perhaps a Dolby descendant with knowledge about the Dolby family will find this web page, contact me and share their information with me.