Letter written to Frances Baca Walters by Dr. J. Wade Gardner in reply to her letter to Postmaster following the death of her husband, James V. Walters, Sr.
(Retyped and entered here by Kathy Goins.)

Osceola, St. Clair County MO
Tuesday, Oct 4th AD 1904

Mrs. James V Walters
Lower Penasco, N. Mexico

Your letter of the 27th ult. to the P.M. '____________ Walters' was handed to me for reply as I have been a long time (about 60 years) in this Country.

I knew Uncle Billy Walters who hanged him-self some 50 years ago in this country.

I knew Volney Walters, but I know nothing of his present whereabouts. William Walters, who married a daughter of Capt. B.F. Cook, I knew well and he now lives at Oak Valley, Elk County, Kansas.

Capt. Edmond Nance I knew well, but he has been dead some 47 years.

You ask if I know a Mr. Culbertson, in fact a number of them, but as you say a Mr. Culbertson without giving his given name or telling who he married or where he lives, I decline to attempt to write anything about a Mr. Culbertson.

You say Wm. Walters is the father of your husband. Which Wm. Walters? Be, hereafter, if you write again about these people, more particular and fuller in your letter or letters.

Tell me which Mr. Culbertson is your husband's brother-in-law. Please now answer me, as I have done my best for you. I practiced medicine in Mo. a number of years. Write soon and tell me who you was before you married Walters.

I am


J Wade Gardner