Ellis David Anderson, Jr.
born 21 April 1921 at Glen Elder, Kansas

Dave was the only boy in the family and, from the sound of some of the stories he has told, was "all boy", playing football in high school for which he was awarded a college football scholarship. However, he did not use the scholarship or attend college, but instead moved to Wichita, Kansas, where he worked for a time in an aircraft factory and then joined the Army to fight in World War II.

He was working at the Beech Aircraft factory in Wichita when he met a co-worker, Pauline Miller. When he got up the nerve to ask her for a date, she told him she would only go out with him if he shaved his sideburns. The next day he showed up at work without the sideburns and received a lot of good-natured teasing... but he did get the date.

Dave joined the Army in April of 1943 and while stationed in Denver, Colorado, he wrote to Pauline and told her if she'd go to Denver, he wouldn't let her go home a "miss." She took the train to Denver, and they were married on November 3, 1943.

Dave and Pauline Anderson - 3 Nov. 1943

Dave then was shipped overseas where he was a tail gunner in the Army Air Corps (89th Bomb. Squadron. The operations he took part in were as follows: Air Offensive Japan, Bismarck Archipelago, New Guinea, Southern Phillippines, Western Pacific and Luzon. He was awarded the Air Medal, the Philippine Liberation Ribbon with One Bronze Star, and the Good Conduct Medal.

When Dave arrived home again after being discharged on November 26, 1945, he met his beautiful baby daughter who had been born while he was overseas. She was named for his mother and for Pauline's mother - Vivian Clairlee Anderson, but has always been known to her family as Vicky.

The family lived in Wichita for a time and then moved back to Dave's hometown of Beloit, Kansas. Upon completion of his education as an electronics engineer, Dave and Pauline moved their family to Indiana where they continue to reside to the present, though all of their children were born in Kansas.

Dave worked for many years as an engineer for an independent television station in Indianapolis - WTTV Channel 4 - retiring in 1986.

Dave had a 4-vessel cardiac bypass surgery and then aneurysm repair surgery in the abdominal area and later to his legs. Tragically, after complications developed after his right leg surgery, that leg had to be amputated. Dave made a remarkable adjustment and eventually would joke that that was "a heck of a way to lose 30 pounds."

Even though he was an amputee and in a wheelchair, when his wife Pauline had a massive stroke in November of 1992, Dave was at the hospital every day and then at the nursing home where she was sent for rehab every day. When she was well enough to go home, Dave was her primary caregiver for over three years. Pauline's stroke left her unable to use her right arm or leg and unable to speak understandably. Dave worked with her and was able to teach her to say a number of words.

Eventually though, Dave himself was the victim of stroke, suffering an intracranial hemorrhage in July of 1996. Though he worked hard in rehab, he has continued to have TIAs and strokes and at the time of this writing, is totally bedfast, with the use of only his left arm, and unable to speak or read or write.

UPDATE: Dave passed away on 20 December 1999 in Indianapolis, Indiana and was buried on 23 December 1999 in Greenwood, Indiana.



Dave and Pauline Anderson's children are as follows:

Vivian Clairlee Anderson
Judith Pauline Anderson
Katherine Louise Anderson
Pamela Ann Anderson - stillborn.
Nancy Elizabeth Anderson
Sandra Sue Anderson
David Eugene Anderson
Gerald Michael Anderson