William "Billy" Walters was born at Lower Penasco, Lincoln County,* New Mexico, on 28 February 1874, third child of James Volney Walters and Frances (Gonzales) Baca Walters. He was, no doubt, named for his paternal grandfather, William W. Walters. He was baptized as "Roman Walters" (his Hispanic name) by the priest from the St. Francis De Paula Church in Tularosa, New Mexico on 9 March 1874 and a baptismal record was obtained from that church in November 2000.

According to page 62 of the book, "Pisacah - A Place of Plenty," written by Lillian Bidal, "The Walters family moved from the Hondo Valley to the Penasco to escape the ethnic conflicts stirred up by the Horrell Brothers** in 1873-1874. One of their children was the first known, non-Indian baby to be born on the Penasco." This, of course, would have been referring to William "Billy" (Roman) Walters.

Unfortunately, Billy's life was short, as he died on 28 September 1886, at the age of 12. The cause of his death is unknown to me at the time of this writing, although Ken Bailey (son of Metta Walters Bailey), told me during a 24 August 2000 phone call that his mom (Metta) said that Billy had been very sick before his death, and he thought he might have had some kind of an influenza."

*This part of Lincoln County became Chaves County in 1889.

** According to page 25 of the book, the Horrell Brothers were fugitives from the law in Texas, and had a hatred of Mexicans, so were killing everyone they came across in Lincoln County, New Mexico who they thought might be Mexican or were married to a Mexican. James V. Walters, of course, had married Frances Baca who was Mexican. The Walters family had been living around Lincoln, New Mexico, but during this period of time, James received a "homestead" and they moved to Lower Penasco (part of Lincoln County until 1889 when it became part of Chaves County).